Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

I know that I said on my last post that my next goody would be cappuccino brownies, but we bought a lot fruit this week, and need to get rid of some of it, so I wanted to try a different banana bread recipe. I also got these great TINY cake and bread tins sent over by my lovely sister-in-law Stephanie! She got them from Cost Plus World Market, and when she saw them she thought of me, so she sent them. So sweet of her, and I just HAD to use them. Arent they adorable?!?

When I made the banana bread out of my recipe book, it had a lot of different ingredients that I didnt expect to be in it, but I just assumed that those ingredients were normal for banana bread. It had things like two different colors of self raising flour, demerara sugar, which is just a brown sugar, salt, nutmeg, and orange juice and oil. It also had some of the ingredients that other banana breads have, such as, of course, bananas, and cinnamon too, but overall it seemed like it was a different recipe for banana bread.

This new recipe, I found because I didnt have all of the ingredients for the other one. I went looking, and came across the recipe on which has every banana bread recipe imaginable. I was excited to see an actual recipe that had chocolate in it, because I just dont see the point in banana bread without the chocolate :)

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread has plain flour, baking soda, cinnamon, melted butter (YUM), sugar, eggs, mashed bananas, vanilla and the best part, dark chocolate chips. I definitely wanted to use the tiny tins, but as you can see, I only have one tiny bread tin, so I decided to make a tiny bread loaf, a big bread loaf and a banana bread bundt cake! :) It was so much fun using the small tins, and they really turned out great! I had to really keep an eye on them, as they are so much smaller than the big tin, but ultimately they came out great. Matt had a lot of fun taking pictures of these, and I think this picture turned out great! I do have to apologize for the fact that all of the pictures are taken on this one particular plate, but we only have a total of 7 (5 of which we bought) plates in our cabinet, and these are the prettiest plates we have, so therefore, thats what we use.

I am very excited too for this weekend, because I am going to a bake-off! One of our good friends who is from Australia, lives in a nice loft condo, and she has a great kitchen, so she invited me and another girl to come over this Saturday to have a baking day. She said she didnt want to call it a bake off, because she knew that I would win, but Im not so sure about that. We are also having three guys (yes my Matty included) come over to "oversee" the baking and make sure that we arent making anything poisonous... If you ask me, I just think they want the goodies! I dont know...

Please stay tuned because we will be bringing the camera and Matt will be taking lots of pictures and I will post all about the fun day. I am very excited about it!

Thanks again Steph for the fun cake tins and dont worry, the bread was yummy! :)

Also quick side note, happy 8 month anniversary of being married to Matty and me today! Yay! And on March 23, we will be celebrating 6 years of being together! Crazy how fast time goes...

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