Thursday, May 26, 2011

The New Apartment

Hello again! I am very sorry it has been so long since I have last posted anything. I had to take quite the break after the bake sale. We also got the great pleasure of moving out of our tiny little apartment and moving into one that actually feels like a home rather than a hotel. It is SOOO nice and of course the best part is the new improved kitchen! :) It is much much bigger and I can actually move around in it now. It took me a while to start baking in it; we had so much to do with moving in and then Matt's parents came and visited us (see our Walkers Go Kiwi site for that post:, so there hasnt been too much room for baking in that time frame. But now that I can, I thought that I would give a tour of the new place. You can see how we live over here in NZ too :)

Here is the entrance and a little bit of the kitchen. To the right is the table and behind that, you can see our drying rack with towels and jeans drying away. We have a tumble dryer, but MAN that takes up a ton of power, so this is the way to go! And the little R2D2 that is standing in front of the drying rack is a DE-humidifier. Yeah I know! I didnt know those were possible either, but we can cure world thirst with ours alone! I have to empty it at least once a day! I know!

Of course the creme de la creme is the kitchen (for me at least- Matty may beg to differ haha). SO SO much bigger with lots of counter space and i have a REAL oven! I can't even explain how happy it makes me! It took me a long time to get used to the controls though; things are way different here, including how to use an oven! And the best part is my freshly baked banana bread on the edge of the counter :)

Oh yep, a better picture of it :) and my friend the oven.

The view from the kitchen. Our living area and the balcony. You cant tell, but we have a great view! A beautiful tree outside and we get to see some fun birds in the morning. The best part about the view is at night we can see the Sky Tower all lit up through the tree. It's great.

Our bedroom! We have an actual bedroom! Oh how nice that is!

And I know you wanted to see the bathroom haha. But I had to show it to show that it is WAY bigger than before. We are happy :)

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our new apartment! I will be posting again VERY soon, as I am now starting to bake again, and I even got the pleasure of selling some of my goodies to Oktobor, so I will tell you all about that soon! :)